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Bail Bond Scams are Happening Everywhere!

    Many bail agents throughout the country have been experiencing and dealing with many different bail bond scams. It is imperative that you communicate this possibility to your defendants and their indemnitors. Tell your clients, if they receive a call from anyone claiming to be you, their bail agent, they should make a note about what they are being asked to do, then hang up and call you immediately. As their bail agent you will help them report these scams to local law enforcement.

    One scam that we have been notified about is occurring after bail is being posted for their clients. Within days, sometimes hours, the client who was bailed out will receive a call from a person pretending to be their bail agent. The person calling will request the defendant/client to send a certain amount of money to them or they will be put back into jail. This happened in Pennsylvania and California recently.

    Part of being the professional person you are is to notify your client of these scams. Let's work together and stop these people from exploiting our clients.

Feel free to contact the office with any questions, concerns or similar occurrences.


Spread the word to your fellow bail agents!

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