Captira Analytical: Captira Analytical is the largest software and services provider in the bail industry and has been providing for the operating needs of Bail USA for many years. Captira’s mission is to provide cutting-edge and easy-to-use tools for the bail agent and general agency. Captira has been leading the way toward the digital future with powerful systems allowing bail agents to cut administrative time, make more informed decisions and make the most of their recovery. For example, Captira’s Defendant Watch system will monitor all active cases and send an email alert if a client is booked into a jail anywhere in the country. With tools like Captira’s ADI phone system, agents are able to automatically alert their clients of upcoming court dates, upcoming and missed payments or missed check-ins, rather than having to make the calls themselves. And Captira’s DataMart provides the background, criminal and credit information that any agent or agency can use to make the most informed underwriting decisions and recover with precision. Whether a one man shop with the simple needs of generating pre-populated forms and doing weekly surety reporting, or a large multi-office organization with very specific analytical, security and recovery needs, Captira is the provider of choice.
One Solution Apps: The industry leader and absolute authority on mobile apps for the bail bond industry. We develop apps for both iPhone and Android devices at one low price. Our trend setting team of software engineers develop some of the most cutting edge data managements systems available for bail bond website integration. Our design team has monitored and researched which design techniques yeild the most lucrative results in the bail bond industry, everything we've known and learned is implemented with every new design we create. Who built your website? Visit us today at

Centurion IV: Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Do you value life? Then waste not time, for that is the stuff of which life is made.” The same could be said of business, in particularly, the business of Bail Bonds.

There is no question that as a Bail bondsman you are an expert at writing bonds and evaluating a defendant for bail, however, with the ever changing landscape of debt collection and customer treatment, there is no need for you to spend your time collecting on debt and worrying about the laws and customer treatment.

Waste not your time on collections, utilize all of your time on the business you are an expert at, writing bail bonds and keeping your books in order. With the assistance of a collection agency, the agency can worry about the delinquent debt on your books. They can make the phone calls at the correct times; they can send the proper letters that help generate returns. The agency is also aware of any laws that may exist either on a Federal level or a state level and when you work together with the agency, the results are outstanding!

If the agency could find you an additional 5% collections over a 3 month period while you are focused on your business, everyone wins!

For more information please feel free to call Centurion IV at 888-304-3112 or visit our website at

iPhone and Android Apps for Bail Bond Agencies: Just imagine all your Bail Bonds clients being able to check-in with your agency and you being able to see exactly where they are. Our custom apps can change the way you do business. We create every App from a blank palette while integrating your business designs and logos. Your App comes standard with over 30 custom features including the “Amazing Panic I am being arrested” feature. One Solution Apps is on the forefront of creating amazing apps for the Bail Bond Industry. Call us today at 760-407-2272.

Custom Website Development: Websites are critical to every Bail Bond Agency. Look at your current site and ask yourself this question. Would I want to call this company and do business with them? More than likely the answer is no. One Solution Apps creates every Web-Site from a blank palette. Our design and programming teams will spend over 40 hours on the average web-site. What we are able to produce are 100% custom sites that will convert more site viewers into clients. All of our custom built sites come with a mobile version at no additional cost. Call us today at 760-407-2272.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: Google, Yahoo and Bing Do you need more business today? If the answer is yes then keep reading. One Solution Apps helps produce over 1.7 million dollars in new bonds every month. We are experts at Google PPC, Yahoo and Bing PPC. How do we do it? We guarantee top level placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing in every geographical area you need. We can usually get you calls within two-three hours of placement. Trying to manage your own PPC account will not work unless you have years of successful training and results. Monthly Ad budgets start at $2000.00 per month and our fee is simple 20% of the monthly ad budget. Call us today at 760-407-2272.