Agent Spotlight


Wade Hinson

Tennessee bail agent Wade Hinson is the proud owner of Veterans Bonding. Getting his first taste of the bail bond industry, Wade worked with a bail business to assist with picking up skips. While attending college he had joined the business with no intentions of this later leading to his career in the bail bond industry. Wade’s bail industry tenure started in December of 2011 with influence from his mentor Charles White.

Veterans Bonding’s slogan, “Still Serving Our Communities”, is a prime trademark of the way Wade carries himself every day. This phrase comes from a memorable story of Wade’s. Being a proud United States Veteran and serving in Iraq not only once but twice, Wade finds himself standing in the courtroom on behalf of his bail bond company. The judge learns Wade has the background of fighting multiple times for his country and stops the hearing to address everyone in the courtroom. The judge explains his gratitude and thoughts of the military and our countries veterans then explains to the court how Wade is still “serving his community” even after his time with the military. Wade explained, much like himself most all of his agents are veterans and genuinely enjoy serving tax payers and defendants caught in hard times.

Prior to his career in the bail industry not only was Wade a veteran but he became a licensed minister and is now working towards receiving his Masters degree in Divinity. The free time that Wade rarely comes across, are spent being a loving father and husband of his wife Christina. Wade enjoys spending time with his 4 daughters, Ainsley, Renah, Mackenzie and Yahlena and his son Broghan. With the military naturally embedded in his heart, Wade’s children’s initials of their names spell “ARMY” finishing with his sons name, Broghan, meaning strong. Coaching for all of his kids’ fast pitch softball teams, where his 12 year old is the pitcher and 10 year old does the catching, is an obvious highlight in his life.

Wade is on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents, where hisduties include making sure every agent is in compliance with their continuing education and making sure agents not only attend class but stay in class as well. Finally Wade mentioned that his managing agent, Brad Parker, is a vital part to his company’s early success and is without a doubt his “right-hand-man”. Wade also would like to point out that his business today would be nothing without Nikisha Sexton and James Roberts.

Wade works every day to change the frowned stereotype that some bail agents still have and wants to bring a new outlook to the industry as a whole.

Bryan Easley

Colorado Bail Producer Bryan Easley, Founder and President of BWB Bail Bonds in Elbert Colorado’s prairie ranching community is right at home with his heritage of “the cowboy lifestyle”. With his ever-present cowboy hat and western attire he is the consummate Colorado Bail Producer. His western duds are not just superficial. He is the real deal and as such he epitomizes the cowboy ideals of honesty, integrity and matter-of-fact presentation which makes him immediately likeable and trust-worthy. He has a background of service in the United States Navy after growing up on a small ranch in Colorado. After many years in service to his country Bryan spent several years in law enforcement and in doing so gained an extensive knowledge of jail operations and administration. He has been a bail agent since 2009. His knowledge of the bail bond industry and laws/regulations in Colorado are second to none. He teaches the same ideals to his employees and it has resulted in a very successful business for him in eastern Colorado.

Although busy building his flourishing business he knows the importance of becoming involved in his state bail agents association and lending his expertise to others. In January of 2015 Bryan was recognized by his peers by being voted in as the new President of the Professional Bail Agents of Colorado. A few of Bryan’s goals as President is a desire to not only be active in legislative issues but to encourage agents to become more involved with their clients in a helpful manner and to promote a cohesive, participative and social atmosphere among bail agents in Colorado. He believes that bail agents and the state association should become more involved in local community activities and promote a positive image of bail bonding, through that involvement. He is steadfastly determined to advance the professionalism and future prosperity of bail bonding in the state of Colorado.

We are extremely happy to congratulate Bryan Easley on his election as President of the PBAC and look forward to working with him to achieve his goals for bail agents in Colorado.

Jimmy Robinson

James Robinson contracted with Bail USA in 1987 while we were working with American Bankers Insurance Company.

Jim was a police officer in Charleston, South Carolina before going into the bail business. Tim and I quickly became close friends to Jim and his wife Linda. Anytime the Burn’s family traveled close to Charleston we were stopping in to visit Jim and Linda. After one morning of us sightseeing in Charleston he lovingly nicknamed our son Stephen as “Cannonball”, thank goodness the name did not stick!

At the time Jim started in the bail business there were very few competitors in his area. As a police officer Jim was very familiar with the political game. He was well connected in his area, he knew all the judges, clerks, attorneys, etc. His office was and is conveniently located across the street from the jail.

Jim introduced Harvey and I at the Judges Conference in South Carolina. When the judges got together to have their annual meeting we were always invited to host a cocktail party. It was an excellent way to get to know the judges in the area. I thought the idea was an excellent one so we soon were attending the PA Magistrate conference and hosting the cocktail party.

He was one of the first individuals I knew to buy a mobile office. He and Linda owned a motor home which they drove around advertising Robinson Bonding Company’s name on the vehicle. If he had to write a bond anywhere in South Carolina off they would go in the motor home.

Today Jim has his two boys, Gregory and Jeffrey, working with him at the office. Jim was one of the first people to offer GPS monitoring to the courts, a division that Greg ran. The bail industry in Charleston is no different today than anywhere else. They have more bail agents in this city then they need and everyone is offering credit on premium.

Jim and Linda have two great boys and three beautiful grandchildren. Jim is very proud of all his family but is particularly proud of his oldest granddaughter who is currently working as a clerk for Judge.

We at Bail USA are very proud to have them working with us for such a long time. I am proud to call Jim an associate of mine, but also to have him and Linda as personal friends.

*Written by Cheryl Burns

Juan Chavez

Juan Chavez of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the owner of Metropolitan Bail Bonds. Metropolitan Bail Bonds service the counties of Bernalillo, Sandoval and Valencia counties. Juan has been in the bail industry for 10 years and a Bail USA bail agent since February 2013. Juan got his start in the bail industry while he attended college. He had a relative working in the bail industry, which helped him get his start. Juan was able to write bail on the weekends while attending classes and studying during the week.

Juan prides himself on tracking down a defendant who has failed to appear in court, without the use of a recovery agent. He explains the benefits of showing up for court in a calming manner. Juan believes in those innocent and those who deserve a second chance.

Juan and his wife, Jennie, married in Cancun in May of 2013 and had another ceremony in June of 2013 at their home in Albuquerque surrounded by family and friends. When he is not working, Juan and his wife enjoy going to comedy clubs.

We look forward to having Juan Chavez and Metropolitan Bail as part of our Bail USA team for many years.

Written by Tricia Yarabinec

Betty & Don Favier

Don Favier was born and raised in England. He received a degree in Agriculture in Oakland College of Agriculture at St. Alban's Hertfordshire, England in 1973. He traveled countries in Europe until he was granted a permanent VISA. His first employment in the US was in Michigan working for a family farming business. He had an opportunity to get into the insurance industry and started with Farm Bureau in 1977. He relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1982 and built an insurance agency from zero. In 1985, as a general agency, he developed insurance agencies on the Western slope of Colorado.

Betty Favier grew up in Western Nebraska, ending up in Omaha for college and post graduate studies. She started her career in the medical field and then had an opportunity to get into real estate development and sales in 1981. Betty and Don met December 26, 2004. They were married in June of 2006 and after 35 years in Omaha, Betty moved to Telluride, CO.

In 2004, the local sheriff came to visit Don. He said he was in need of a bail bondsman. There weren’t any in the county and he felt Don was the man for the job. A year later the sheriff again came to Don, still seeing a need for a bail bondsman. The constitution gives a defendant the right to a fair trial and reasonable bail. He felt that instead of sitting in jail at the taxpayers’ expense, these defendants could be working, earning money and supporting their families while awaiting trial. It also gives the defendant the opportunity to work with his or her lawyer in building their defense. Don decided to give it a try and in 2005 he began writing bail with Bail USA. Betty joined Bail USA in 2009 after she retired from real estate to give her full attention to the insurance industry. They currently have 16 bail agents writing with them on the western slope and front range of Colorado.

Don and Betty agree the greatest aspect of being in the bail business is helping people get through the process, out of trouble and back on the right track. In their minds, no one is exempt. You never know when you, a family member or friend will get into trouble and need help.

When Don and Betty bail a defendant out of jail, they make it a practice to drive the person home, get them something to eat, and spend time expressing that it is not the end of the world. They try to help the person through the process however they can.

Both Don and Betty also give a lot of time and effort to their community. Don’s passion is giving his time as a Volunteer Fireman, which he has been doing for 35 years. He also holds his EMT License. Betty volunteers at the local Food Bank and is Chairman of the Daffodil Days Program with the American Cancer Society.

In their spare time, in addition to talking about bail, Don and Betty spend time at their condo in Denver where they entertain their five children and three grandchildren along with other family and friends. They also enjoy 4-wheeling, hiking, walking, going to the Blue Grass and Film Festivals in the summer, and panning for gold. Don works in his vegetable garden while Betty enjoys flower gardening, quilting and photography.

Telluride is a beautiful place to live. People go to Telluride from all over the world. Don and Betty sometimes like to sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, even though life often gets in the way.

The Faviers' are very compassionate giving people and we are proud to have them as part of Bail USA.

*Written by Ellen Harrison

Mark Hill

Mark Hill began writing with Bail USA in April of 2010. Mark has been in the bail business for the past 10 years. His career in the bail business began when his brother was opening a bail company and had no business knowledge so Mark decided to take on the business aspects of the company to help his brother. Mark graduated from the University of Toledo with a major in Business Management and a minor in International Business. After assisting his brother with his company Mark decided it was time to open his own bail bond company. Four years later he is still managing Toledo Bail Bonds successfully. Prior to the bail business Mark worked as a Production Manager for a specialty foods company overseeing 180 employees.

Marks favorite aspect of being a bondsman is spending the quality time necessary with his clients. In most cases, the process is harder on the family versus the defendant and Mark makes it a priority to take the time to thoroughly explain the entire process. In Mark’s eyes, integrity is everything! Mark believes that his personality sets him aside from others.

When Mark is not working he enjoys taking cruises, zip lining, spending time with his family & friends, and last but not least spending time with his two dogs, Cilas & Satchel.

Mark is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Ohio State Bail Bond Association, and National Notary Association.

Mark is a dedicated, hard working individual and we are proud that he is a part of the Bail USA team!

*Written by Ashley Logan

Brian Curtin - Retirement

After being a bail agent for the last 22 years in Norwich Connecticut, Brian Curtin has decided to retire. Brian was first introduced to the bail industry by his uncle and cousins who had already been in the business for close to 50 years. Brian worked with them for a few years and then purchased the business in 1994 and has been a part of the industry ever since.

Brian has enjoyed working for himself and making a good living. He always made an effort to keep his business local and made sure to help those who needed it in his community.

Although Brian will be retiring from the bail industry, he will continue his life in politics which he has been a part of for more than 20 years. Brian is currently in an elected position as the Treasurer for Norwich Connecticut.

We are glad that Brian was a part of the Bail USA team for so many years and we wish him luck!

Chrystal Hall-Myers

Chrystal Hall-Myers has been a part of the Bail USA team since 2009 but got her start in the bail industry 17 years ago when she realized that many of her cousins were Police Officers, Lawyers and School Board Attorneys but there were no Bail Agents. Chrystal took this as an opportunity to get involved in a side of the Criminal Justice System that wasn’t covered by her family.

Chrystal grew up as the only girl of 60 or so cousins in her family. She held a few different positions before getting her start in the bail industry including being a phlebotomist, assistant manager at Waffle House and she was also a Hooters Girl! Chrystal enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, going to the gun range, riding jet skis and ATV’s.

Not only does Chrystal run a successful bail bonding business but has also been a tremendous help to Bail USA when dealing with fugitive recovery and forfeiture proceedings. She is a true asset to the Bail USA Team! *Written by Tomi Matzel

Louie Perez

Louie Perez has been a part of the bail industry since he was 19 years old. Born and raised in San Angelo Texas, Louie remembers watching his father, an attorney, post bonds for his clients. It was through watching his father that he learned how to be a part of the legal community, and grew to truly enjoy it.

When there was a shift in Texas law away from permitting attorneys to post bonds, his father saw a great opportunity for Louie. Louie became more involved in posting the bonds, and was eventually posting on his own. Louie makes an effort to stay involved in the community by serving on several local boards. He feels strongly about keeping the industry moving on a positive path, and believes that it is of the utmost importance for bail agents to keep their moral compass, and always be ethical in their professional and personal lives.

When Louie is not spending time at the office working on bail, he enjoys riding his bike, hunting & fishing, and watching his young children participate in after school activities.

Louie joined the Bail USA family in Nashville Tennessee for the 2013 convention and made a great impression on everyone he met. Welcome to the Team Louie, we look forward to a long relationship!

Bob Brenner

It was our pleasure to spend a weekend in Ocean City with Patricia and Bob Brenner and his daughter Summer. The reason for the visit was sad because of the passing of Pat’s daughter and Bob’s sister Sue Brenner Haslam. The memorial service was heartfelt. The lesson Sue and Pat would want you to remember is from the song Que Sera, Sera. The words are “Que, Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see que sera, sera.” Live, love and enjoy each day of your life. Yesterday is the past and tomorrow’s future we cannot control.
Pat and Bob have a beautiful office on the Coastal Highway in Ocean City Maryland and another office in Salisbury, Maryland. Bob and Pat work out of the Ocean City location while Ludlow Benjamin runs the office in Salisbury. Mr. Benjamin is another true professional in the bail industry.

Pat and Bob started writing with Bail USA over 20 years ago. The first time they visited the Bail USA office they brought with them their mascot, their beloved Saint Bernard Dog. In the picture you will notice their new puppy whose name is Duchess. She weighs over 100 pounds. When she playfully bumped up against me she nearly knocked me over.

We enjoy our personal and business relationship with both Pat and Bob. You might have met Patricia at our Bail USA convention with her daughter Sue. Bob regularly attends our conventions and was accompanied to New Mexico with his beautiful daughter Summer. She is a beautiful bright young lady. I was impressed by her ability to get along with adults. She is an example of the future of our industry and why we need to work hard to ensure bail is around for the next generation.

Harvey and I would like to say thank you to Pat and Bob and Summer for their loyalty to Bail USA over the years. We both have enjoyed our business relationship but more importantly we enjoy their friendship.

Keep up the good work, we love you!

Western Pawnbrokers

On the south-central plains of Montana, along the beautiful Yellowstone River sits Billings, Montana’s largest city. It was founded as a railroad town in 1882 and possesses all the history and nostalgia you might expect with a 120+ year old western city. Within 100 miles are the famous Custer Battlefield, the Bighorn River Rec area and Yellowstone National Park. With rich oil plays in eastern Montana/western portions of North and South Dakota and shale oil plays north of the city, Billings has avoided economic problems which have plagued other American cities.

In historic downtown Billings in the old 1903 vintage J.D. Losekamp building at 2817 Montana Avenue is Western Pawnbrokers and Bail Bonds. The historic building has 18,000 square feet on the main floor and a 16 room hotel on the upper level that has housed cowboys and travelers for nearly 100 years and is still operating today. Western Pawnbrokers is the most unique pawn shop one could ever walk into. The beautiful old building houses the pawn shop/ bail office and also, since the 90’s, Farwest Gallery. This gallery and pawn shop houses more western and Native American art, saddles, tack, western memorabilia and incredible beadwork and Native jewelry than any museum or art gallery you could find anywhere in the west. In addition to the incredible collection of western memorabilia, Native American art, clothing and jewelry, Western Pawnbrokers has more tools, power tools, musical instruments, electronics, guns, cameras, hunting accessories and virtually case after case of jewelry and watches than one can imagine. To walk into this business and begin looking around is a jaw-dropping experience.

In 1975 Bert Nelson made the move to Billings from Missoula and opened the pawn shop. Bert and son Andy have pioneered regulations that have become industry standards and are now mandated in Montana. The Nelson family has been serving the Billings community and surrounding area for 37 years. The two offer services including bail bonds, consumer loans, check cashing, western union and pawn loans. Bert has been writing bonds for Bail USA for 24 years and is still going strong. We are proud to have agents like Bert and Andy on our team. It is always a special treat to visit them and their incredible business in Billings.

Ted Pridgen - Retirement

Ted Pridgen - Retirement
A black tie retirement party was held Saturday evening November 17, 2012 for Ted Pridgen. Cheryl Burns attended the event with her husband Tim.

Speakers at this lavish affair were Senator Margaret Rose Henry, Judge Charles Toliver and Cheryl Burns. Ted was not only surprised but overwhelmed by the love and admiration of all in attendance.

Everyone knows how Ted loves to fish. Cheryl Burns shared some nice fishing stories from past conventions. But if Cheryl thought she was the only one who knew about Ted's love of fishing she was wrong. The centerpiece on each table was a beautiful vase with live goldfish.

Ted is not only a successful business person; he is a role model for the bail industry. One of the reasons he was successful is because he gave back to the community. He is a person of compassion, he is generous and he is sincere in his dealing with the general public.

Congratulations on your retirement Ted. We wish you well, but we do expect to continue to see you at our Bail USA convention!

Congratulations also to Gina, Latrisha and Bryant who have taken over the business and will ensure the T & H Bail Bonds continues to flourish in years to come.

Corrin Rankin

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with our bail agent Corrin Rankin in California. Corrin is the daughter of James Rankin of Redwood City, California. James was a bail agent for 40 years. Corrin is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters.

I first met Corrin in 2008. She was writing for her father at the time and was looking for a contract of her own. Corrin reminded me of a person that if given the opportunity would succeed in the bail world. She grew up in the bail industry. I saw the passion she had to own her own bail operation and I could see that she was determined to be a player in our industry. I offered Corrin a contract and she did not disappoint me.

Corrin is a role model for bail agents in her area and she should be a role model for bail agents throughout the nation. Here is why:

1. Corrin is the President of the San Mateo County Bail Association.
2. Corrin is an associate member of the San Mateo County Bar Association.
3. Corrin is a Paul Harris Fellow with the Redwood City Rotary Foundation.
4. Corrin is on the Board of Directors of San Mateo County Activity League for Youth Diversion.
5. Corrin is on the Redwood City Board of Police Activity League.

Corrin is a perfect role model as she is not afraid to take on any challenge. During our time together she told me her feelings on being a success. She said if you are afraid to take on a challenge because of failure, you will never succeed. Today Corrin is a successful business woman.

Corrin is active in the political world and well known in her area. While I was walking down the street with Corrin everyone knows her name. Everyone was approaching her with “good morning” and a handshake. On election night she had three separate political events to attend to watch election results.

Mark "Steve" Fuller

Mark “Steve” Fuller recently made a visit to the corporate headquarters of Bail USA in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Steve hails from Gastonia, North Carolina and made the nine hour trip on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He was warmly welcomed by all the staff and spent two days talking and exchanging ideas with our team. He was very excited about his visit and is very enthusiastic about the bail bond business and making it a success.

Steve started out 13 years ago under the tutelage of his in-laws who own a bail bond business. He spent years learning the ins and outs while building experience and valuable contacts. On September 9, 2009, Steve took a leap of faith, came on direct with Bail USA and opened his own bail bond business in a 100 year old former cotton warehouse in Gastonia. He took pride in restoring and remodeling and now has a very professional and unique office.

Before entering the bail bond business, Steve worked for 13 years building Freightliner trucks. He wanted to do something different so he started a very unique business involving a mobile rock climbing unit for kids. For four years he traveled around the Eastern part of the United States and set up his mobile unit at church events, scouting events, school events, etc. By doing this, children of all ages could face the challenge of doing something a little bit different and build up their self esteem.

In his spare time, Steve loves to ride his motorcycle, spend time with his family and his two German Sheppard’s. He loves enjoying the outdoors and spends as much time as possible doing so. As he says, “You always have to find a little time for yourself, it’s important.”

It was great having him here and we look forward to his next visit. Before he left, he told us all that had he known his reception in Greenville would be so overwhelming and heartwarming, he would have come up here years ago.

Jerry Anglin

Jerry Anglin started his bail business in Texas on April Fool’s day in 1976 and remains today in the original office. Jerry was contacted by his local sheriff to get involved in the bail industry because of his exceptional reputation around town as a real estate broker and pawn store owner. Jerry had one competitor when he started in the business and has seen many company’s open and close throughout his 36 years in business. Jerry loves the industry and truly enjoys his job each and every day. Jerry faced multiple tragedies in his life before becoming a bail agent including the untimely death of his father and the death of his nephew, both due to accidents caused by a drunk driver. Although Jerry has had disheartening moments in his life, he has never ceased to have a positive attitude about life.

Jerry does not stop his concern with the individuals he bails out at the local jail. Jerry makes sure each person has a meal before they leave his company. If they have an addiction problem and are trying to seek help, Jerry takes it upon himself to send them to a Christian based rehab facility in the state of California where they can receive the help they need. Jerry still receives visits from numerous individuals whom he has bailed years prior coming to thank him for his kindness which helped turn their lives around.

When Jerry is not at the office in Texas, he and his wife of 40 years, Millie, love to travel in their RV which has been to every state in the country with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. Jerry and Millie have four children and nine grandchildren who they visit as much as possible. Bail USA is thrilled to have Jerry as part of our family and we look forward to a long future.

Jim Degan

Congratulations to Jim Degan who was elected the new President of The Indiana Surety Bail Agents Association at a meeting on May 22, 2012. Jim joined our Bail USA team in 2009 and is shown below with John O'Bryon.

Jim started in the bail industry in 1968 under Bill Roe of Indiana. Jim writes bail in Indiana and is a general agent for us through Degan Insurance Group, Inc. Jim and his lovely wife Lydia always attend our national conference. He is always looking for new ideas to share with his fellow bail agents in the state.

Cheryl asked Jim what his goals were as the President of the Association. He said that first and foremost is to develop the reputation of being a president that listens to the bail agents in Indiana. Jim wants to create legislation that would address the cash bonding system in the state and he wants to look at other legislation that would force our industry to adopt a core set of values and ethical standards to show the public, the courts and our critics that our industry is not unsavory, unprofessional or borderline criminal. Jim is a man of vision.

Jim has a very positive attitude about the future of bail and will work diligently to ensure protection of our industry in the future.

Bill Bernardo

Bill Bernardo got his start in the bail business in February 1962, on a handshake with his insurance partner at the time, Herbert L. Goldstein. Bill and Herbie knew all of Albany and everybody knew of them as Albany's best in the business. The two were inseparable both professionally and socially right up until Herbies' untimely death in 1990. This opened the door for two of Bills' sons to begin their careers in the family business and launch the next phase of Bernardo-Goldstein & Quinn. With the addition of both Rick and Jay Bernardo, Bill's time was now spent doing some of the things he enjoys most; traveling, golfing, socializing and dining.

Currently Bill spends his days still working the office or consulting with the NYS Insurance Department working on new test questions or tweaking the dynamics of the bail industry. As of 2010, there has been another family addition joining the staff, Bill's daughter Lisa.

Always the hit of the party, "Mr. Wonderful" enjoys life on the go and quality time spent with his wife, Betty, five children and twenty grandchildren. There is never a dull moment and life couldn't be better!

Ninpo Surety

Ced Oden, President of Ninpo Surety hosted their annual Christmas Party this year at the beautiful One Ocean Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida on December 10, 2011. Bail agents from throughout the state of Florida were in attendance.

Cheryl Burns, CEO of Bail USA was in attendance along with Karyn Herrmann and Monica Burrell. Everyone had a great time. There was a program where Cheryl was asked to say a few words. She highlighted in her message to the bail agents how proud she was of all of the Seneca Bail Agents in Florida. She praised Ced Oden for his ability to be a great team leader because of his commitment to the industry, his ability to be a positive influence to others and his skill in planning for the future. She praised everyone there because of their professionalism, sense of responsibility to do the right thing both in their business and personal lives and their transparency in their business. She congratulated Sherry Blue for her hard work and dedication to our industry and for her work with the Florida Bail Association and Oniel Manhertz for his professionalism and transparency in the bail industry in Southern Florida. Mr. Manhertz is the new leader of bail in Dade County and he is a person that everyone respects in the court system.

Bail USA gave away two American Express gift cards for $150.00 and the winners were Bruce Camacho and Wendell Riley. Cheryl’s intent was to present the award to the bail agency that has done the best job at keeping Bail USA updated with exonerations on both their liability and forfeitures. The liability and forfeiture numbers throughout the state were so good she decided to have everyone enter the drawling. Again, congratulations to both Bruce and Wendell.

Ninpo Surety presented the following awards:

Top Sales Award - Sherry Blue and Oneil Manhertz
Outstanding New Bail Agent Awards – Byron McDaniel and Juan Tomlinson

There was a special moment of silence for Antonio Cooks who passed away this earlier this year. I remember meeting Antonio at the Ninpo Christmas Party last year. He was a wonderful man who was always happy and who always spoke positively about the people he met. Antonio you made a positive impact on others during the time you spent on this earth. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family.

Cheryl enjoyed meeting and speaking to everyone on Saturday but her unsung hero of the evening was Verne Williams. Verne was seriously injured this year and seeing him Saturday made her heart sing. Here is a man who does not complain about his injury but instead continues to run a remarkable bail agency in Jacksonville. He is proud of his mentor and leader, Ced Oden, and takes pride in establishing a transparent bail operation. Verne, you are a remarkable man and we salute you!

Dan Lederman

As the owner of Lederman Bonding Co. in Sioux City Iowa and a South Dakota state representative, Dan Lederman is known as an up-and-comer in Republican Party politics. Recently, he was recognized in an article in the Sioux City Journal about his involvement with politics in both Iowa and South Dakota. On Friday May 20th Dan Lederman and the Republican Jewish Coalition drew 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingerich as well as several South Dakota legislators to a luncheon at Eldon’s Restaurant in Sioux City.

Troy Hansen

Troy has shown an unprecedented investment in the political process involved in protecting the bail industry in Washington State. He has been heavily involved in the Bail Practices Work-group which has been charged with the task of delivering a set of legislative recommendations for the 2011 session.

His experience, knowledge and dedication have helped ensure that the legislation affecting bail in Washington State will help relieve concerns and build on the industry's strengths.

Troy has taken on additional responsibilities by actively creating partnerships with committee members and involving other local bail agents in the process.

Troy runs a business deeply rooted in respect, integrity, and professionalism. All-City Bail Bonds has been serving the state of Washington for over 20 years.

We thank you immensely Troy!

CJ Nemeth

In the state of Idaho the bail industry is very competitive. They have retail bail agents that charge less than the filed rate and provide credit terms for the balance of the premium of money.

We at Bail USA are proud to recognize CJ Nemeth who is the President of the Idaho Bail Agents Association and a Seneca Bail Agent. Not only is she a licensed private detective, she is also a processor server. CJ and the Professional Bail Agents of Idaho have filed legislation to require that the full 10% premium be paid prior to a defendants release from jail. The legislation does not take away a person's ability to obtain credit, but it does require if credit is given that it is obtained through a credit company and have no connection with the bail industry.

CJ also sits on the Rules Committee for the Idaho Supreme Court alongside fellow bail agent Jonna Duvall. The responsibility of the Committee is to create the Bail Bond Guidelines which will govern bail agents. The last meeting sent a clear message, bail agents have a choice. They can either clean up their own industry or the Supreme Court of Idaho will file legislation to change the Constitution of Idaho. This will allow for 10% bail, ultimately eliminating the bondsman of the state.

In addition to being very professional, motivated and influential, CJ is also very family oriented. CJ is married to Steve Nemeth and has two children, three grandchildren and is an avid animal lover.

Our hat goes off today to CJ Nemeth. She is doing a great job at being a leader in the bail industry to implement bail reform. Please take a moment and send her a note to tell her how much you appreciate what she is doing. You can do so by emailing her at