Meet Our Team


Cheryl Burns -
President & CEO

Appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer in 1999, Cheryl actively pursues advancement of the surety bail industry while promoting strategic corporate growth. Seventeen years earlier, she and our founder, Harvey Childs, formed Bail USA Inc. where she managed the daily operations of our headquarters while functioning as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer.

The compassion she feels for bail agents is because of the fact that she herself is a licensed bail agent. Cheryl first received her license in 1987. She understands what a bail agent’s job is all about.

Cheryl and Tim Burns reside in Ohio and are the proud parents of three adult children and three grandchildren. Cheryl is an active member of her community and church.

Cheryl has maintained positions on the Boards of Directors of Thiel College, First National Bank of Pennsylvania, and our local newspaper, The Record Argus. She is a member of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS), and has been a licensed bail agent since 1980. She holds nonvoting memberships in various state associations across the United States. She strongly suggests that as a bail agent you get involved in maintaining the respectability and accountability of our profession.

Cheryl is a not only a pioneer in the industry but a true success story for her accomplishments in a previously male-dominated profession. She is nationally recognized for continually setting standards of excellence for the surety bail industry.

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Harvey Childs

Harvey, Chairman of the Board of Bail USA, Inc. and our founder, has been a licensed bail agent for 45 years. Occasionally, he is still seen posting bonds at local magistrates’ offices and the county courthouse.

Harvey obtained a B.A. degree in Hispanic studies from the University of Seville in Spain and an M.A. degree from the Cultural Institute of San Lorenzo. He is fluent in five languages and enjoys Spanish and American history.

Harvey entered the surety bail profession in 1956, making him the third generation in his family to follow this occupation. Although Harvey grew up in Pittsburgh, he would make his home in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 65 miles north. For nine years, he posted bail bonds for clients throughout the tri-county area. In 1969, Harvey expanded his operation to include 16 additional western Pennsylvania counties, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Ohio. In 1970, he founded the Pennsylvania Association of Bail Bond Underwriters and successfully challenged the Keystone State to recognize bail agents as “Officers of the Court”. During the next 10 years, Harvey expanded his growing network of professional bail agents into 25 additional states, is recognized as one of the founders of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS), and hired Cheryl Burns as his assistant. By 1982, Harvey and Cheryl partnered to form what is known today as Bail USA, Inc. Two years later, the company became the Managing General Agent for a billion-dollar, blue-chip insurance company. This led to Bail USA, Inc. becoming the largest underwriter of surety bail in the country.

In 1999, Harvey turned the presidency of Bail USA, Inc. over to Cheryl so he could spend more of his time traveling around the country visiting our bail agents. Harvey’s vision for the future of the bail industry is evidenced by his lifelong pursuit of the professional standards and integrity that remain a constant presence in every part of the surety bail profession in the United States.

Karyn Herrmann -
Vice President of Operations

Karyn is our Vice President of Bail Agent Relations, she is responsible to oversee the day to day operations at Bail USA, large bond approvals, as well as corporate licensing regulations. Since she joined us in 2003, she has worked closely with state agencies to ensure prompt information for bail agents across the United States. She is one of the first people you may speak with at Bail USA.

As one of the first point of contacts with Bail USA you will find it refreshing to talk with Karyn. Her friendly, professional demeanor will assure that you receive the answers and directions needed when calling Bail USA.

John O’Bryon -
Vice President

John serves as Vice President of Bail USA, Inc. with 20 years of service where his primary focus is strategic company growth.

John served four years in the United States Marine Corps and is a decorated Vietnam Veteran. Following his discharge, he became a Florida police officer and in 1994, joined our organization as a licensed bail agent. Within two years he was promoted to Fugitive Recovery Specialist. A licensed private investigator since 1988, John used his skills to become an expert at fugitive regulation and recovery and has established a solid alliance with law enforcement agencies across the country. He also serves as a chief field auditor traveling to our bail agent offices around the country to perform agent reviews.

Brett Smith -
Senior Bail Account Manager

In 2014, Brett began working with Bail USA and is currently a Senior Bail Account Manager. Brett works daily with our bail agents across the country to promote best practices within the industry while overseeing auditing and agent relations nationwide. He also handles consumer and insurance department complaints, lien releases, large bond approvals and travels to perform Compliance Reviews.

Brett graduated from Thiel College in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Coaching. He remains actively involved at Thiel College where he is an Assistant Wrestling Coach. Brett is an avid Pittsburgh sports fan and enjoys golfing and being around friends and family.

Brett is out-going and enthusiastic to learn and create relationships with our bail agents. He is excited about the opportunities within the industry and looks forward to his journey with Bail USA.

Jen Peterson -
Licensing & Contracting Coordinator

In 2010, Jen began working with Bail USA as our after-hours Transfer Bond Specialist responsible for coordinating bail bond postings for bail agents across the country. She has been a common voice to many of our bail agents in the evening and weekends and has since transitioned into our Licensing & Contracting Coordinator. Her main responsibilities include bail agent licensing, appointments, qualifications and regulations.

Jen graduated from Thiel College in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She takes great pride in raising her son and teaching him the values that have helped shape her to become the friendly, optimistic person that she is. Jen enjoys traveling, golfing and attending Major League Baseball games with her son.

Jen is motivated, enthusiastic and her inquisitive nature keeps her continually learning new aspects of the bail bond industry.

Jennifer "Jen" Wingard -
Cash Management Supervisor

Jen became a member of our staff in 1994 and is currently Supervisor to the Bail Bond Compliance Department of Bail USA where her responsibilities include overseeing bail agent reporting, analysis, inventory control and distribution. Her role at Bail USA is multi-faceted as she also directs our Cash Management Department, actively monitoring and maintaining build-up fund accounts and developing relationships with institutions around the country.

A graduate of Sawyer Business School in Pittsburgh with an Associate Degree in Business Administration provided Jen the exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail that she possesses. In 2009, Jen and her husband welcomed twin daughters into the world who keep them very young at heart.

Although Bail USA is expanding it is important to Jen to maintain a personal relationship with each of our bail agents. She receives gratification when she is able to meet or exceed our bail agent’s needs.

Linda Sponseller -
Bail Bond Compliance Leader

Linda joined Bail USA in 2008 and is the leader of our Bail Bond Compliance Department. She is responsible for managing the processing, archiving and replacement of agent bail reports. Linda’s position provides the primary support to our bail agent’s questions, concerns and inquiries in all aspects of their account with us.

As a licensed bail agent for 14 years before becoming a part of our staff, Linda brought an innate perspective of the needs of bail bond agents that has helped her excel in her position. When Linda has free time she enjoys spending time at her mountain home, horseback riding and gardening.

Linda strives to make every effort to introduce herself to each new bail bond agent contracting with Bail USA which she says improves communication and makes people feel more comfortable.

Tricia Yarabinec -
Bail Assistant

Tricia was hired in 2010 to become an essential part of our Bail Bond Compliance Department. She is responsible for the daily processing agent’s bail reports, replenishing bail agent bonds, and archiving company data. She is always happy to discuss problems or answer reporting questions from agents.

In addition to her daily duties, Tricia also assists with buildup fund withdrawals, and the monthly processing of the agent’s buildup fund statements.

Tricia and her husband, Dan, have 3 adult children, and they welcomed their first grandchild, Harper Sue, in March 2015.

Tricia works hard to fulfill our bail agents highest expectations and goes above and beyond to reach her full potential at Bail USA.

Ellen Harrison
- Bail Assistant

Ellen joined Bail USA in 2011 as part of our Bail Bond Compliance Department. She is responsible for processing executed bonds, bond power replacement and archiving company data. Ellen’s enthusiastic and positive communication skills contribute greatly to this Department through her daily contact with our bail agents. She provides explanation of Bail USA reporting processes, bond replacement procedures and answers general questions from bail agents nationwide.

Born and raised in Michigan, Ellen worked for Tecumseh Products Company for 15 years before moving to Greenville. She enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband, spending time with her children and grandchildren, sewing, gardening and raising German Shorthaired Pointers Pups.

One of Ellen’s favorite aspects of her position is talking with and getting to know our bail agents better. Spending time in other departments at Bail USA is giving Ellen a well-rounded understanding of the bail bond industry.

Ruth Fulton -
Claims Manager

Ruth is our resident Claims Manager, actively monitoring bond forfeiture regulations and procedures, effectively providing a reduction in risk to Bail USA and our team of bail agents. While committed to monitoring forfeitures in the most professional manner and keeping abreast of constant changing bail forfeiture laws she values the personal relationship she holds with each and every bail agent she has the opportunity to work with on our team.

With 27 years of bail experience she has established an excellent alliance with courts across the country. Ruth is a licensed bail agent and is routinely seen at many different County Jails, Magistrates’ Offices and County Courthouses.

Ruth’s hobbies are traveling, bowling and cooking. She is a life-long resident of Greenville and says her best times are spent with family, friends and traveling especially throughout New England and to the ocean. 

Ruth is active member of numerous non-profit organizations including Stony Point Grange in which she and her husband have been instrumental in organizing many fundraisers effectively giving back to the community. She is a Life Member of West Salem Firemen’s Auxiliary and enjoys politics and enjoys being active locally and statewide.

Darla Collenette -
Claims Liaison

Darla started working at Bail USA in 2010. She began in Bail Bond Compliance where she gained knowledge of our bail bond agents, geographical territories and an overall understanding of the industry. Darla is primarily responsible for bond forfeiture data entry, analysis and archiving this information as a permanent record.

Before joining Bail USA, Darla was employed at UPMC Horizon as a medical assistant for 23 years. She and her husband raised two successful daughters and enjoy spending time at their property in Mercer County. Darla’s daughter Amanda is married and lives in Tennessee with her two beautiful grandsons. Stephanie is in the United States Air Force and is stationed in Italy.

Darla is eager to learn all aspects of forfeitures and admittedly has learned something new every day since becoming a member of the Claims Department. She routinely offers assistance to other personnel when time is available.

Jill Graham -
Transfer Bond Specialist & Accounts Receivable

Jill’s career with Bail USA started in 1987, processing agent bail reports, and has developed into her current roles of Transfer Bond Specialist and Accounts Receivable Professional. She is responsible for opening and distributing our mail each day, coordinating bail bond postings for bail agents, processing transfer payments and monitoring outstanding accounts. Jill is a licensed bail agent.

Jill was born and raised in Greenville where she and her husband enjoy spending time with their two children and four granddaughters. She is a member of the choir and serves on the Committee for Pastor/Parrish Relations at her church. One of her favorite pastimes is camping with her family where she can go walking, bike riding and do a little reading.

With 28 years of experience, Jill has formed relationships with our bail agents that mirror our philosophy of family values.

Anne Marie Olinger -

Anne Marie started her career with Bail USA in March 2014 as our Receptionist. Anne Marie answers the phones, processes exonerations and distributes all faxes coming in to the Bail USA headquarters.

Anne Marie is a native of Baltimore Maryland. She attended the University of Maryland majoring in Applied Design. She has had a 27 year career in business to business in the areas of financial services, property management, sales, marking and client services.

Anne Marie has three daughters and nine grandchildren who reside in the state of Washington. Anne Marie and her husband enjoy visiting that area. She also enjoys gardening, golf, traveling extensively and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.

Anne Marie is a great asset to our team.

JL Webber -
Bail Account Manager

J.L. Webber comes to Bail USA with a lengthy resume of management and instructional experience in the government and private business sectors. He is a graduate of Colorado Mountain College and has also studied at Colorado State University. He spent 27 years in public service management and training positions and 8 years managing a private business prior to joining Bail USA in 2011. During his time with Bail USA he has been instrumental in assisting with compliance issues in several states and has helped increase the company’s ability to better serve our agents and improve the integrity of the industry.

J.L. has provides training to Bail USA bail agents in several states, helping them maintain consistently compliant files and enhance their overall business productivity. JL creates personal contacts with liable agents and helps them with any multitude of issues they may encounter. He also acts as a liaison between the company, its agents and state compliance regulators, providing training and education and works to project a positive image for the industry as a whole.

JL is based in Colorado where he enjoys his heritage and life- long passion for horses, hunting, camping and fly fishing.

Christina Centric -
Transfer Bond Specialist

Christina Centric joined the Bail USA team in 2014 to become one of our afterhours Transfer Bond Specialists. Christina works primarily on the weeknights processing transfer bond calls and handling referrals for potential clients and family members. Christina also takes background information for large bonds in order to obtain approval from management.

Christina grew up in Youngstown Ohio and graduated from Springfield Local High School. She enjoys reading sci-fi, fantasy and manga books when she is not working. She is always keeping busy working on home-made craft projects and learning to make new things.

Christina is determined to ensure that all requests for transfer bonds are carried out with speed and efficiency so that our bail agents and clients have a positive reaction to a rather unfortunate circumstance.

Sue Holiga -
Transfer Bond Specialist

Sue, originally hired in 1993 and worked for Bail USA until 2010 when she took time to care for her Grandson. Rejoining the company in 2015, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to the transfer bond and forfeiture departments. You can find Sue working in the office 3 days a week helping in many different departments where she is a valuable asset.

Sue and her husband, Ray, have been married over 40 years and have resided in Greenville raising their son and daughter. In her spare time, Sue enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.


I do business with Bail USA because of their honesty and integrity of everyone from management on down... great service and fast response to every situation ... the feeling that you are a member of the Bail USA team, you are treated like family ... phone calls are answered by a person not a machine and being put through to whoever you need promptly and that person gives you immediate attention and takes the time to address your concerns ... I'm very pleased and proud to be associated with Bail USA and would recommend them to any agent in the bail industry.

Dover Harper

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