Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for your generous donations of gifts for the Renewal Angel Tree Project benefiting the children of Renewable residents. Each Christmas season, Renewal hosts a minimum of eight (8) parties for the residents, their family members and children.

Your incredible support enabled each child to receive multiple gifts. Your should have seen the excitement on their faces when Santa appeared with bags of treats for each of them. Residents were extremely grateful for the good food and gifts provided for their families.

Here is an example of your kindness. One resident is meeting all of his financial support obligations to his family leaving little to no money to purchase gifts for his children. Your participation in this Angel Tree project enabled those children to have a fun time with their father celebrating the season. Not only did your support bring joy to the children, it also brought happieness and pease to a struggling father.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff and especially our residents, we want to "Thank You" for supporting the Angel Tree project. This type of kindness gives Renewal residents faith in putting their lives and families back together to become stable, productive members of our communities.


Douglas C. Williams
President & CEO

We are truly appreciative of the kindness professional support we have always received from Bail USA. It means the world to us to be a part of this stellar team. We will continue to fight the good fight in our efforts of making a positive difference within this very difficult industry. However, we know that our efforts will be less difficult because of the Bail USA team.

Thank You,

Rick Harper

As an agent with Ace Bail Bonding for many years already I would like to say thank you to Cheryl for your dedication that spills over on many. Your professional guidance and opinion is what this industry is all about. To say it in one word INTEGRITY. I feel I have been mentored by the best and now know I am supported by the best as well. From my family to yours both in the Bail industry and personally Thank you,

Brian Fiorentin

Gina and I have enjoyed our relationship with Bail USA for over 15 years. They brought me on board with them when I knew nothing at all about bail. They worked with me every step of the way until I had the knowledge I needed to run a successful bail bond operation. We enjoy a close family-like relationship with the entire staff of Bail USA. I could not even consider writing for another company.

Ted Pridgen

Cheryl, it is truly a pleasure to have met you. Looking forward to become a full member of the Bail USA team. I really enjoyed the seminar and if I may suggest it should be more often. I think that if all NY bail agents should get together twice a year and discuss our experiences, we would learn from each other and become better bail agents. As we can see there is a lot of gray areas in NY bail Laws, together we can help each other paint a better picture for NY.

Julio C. Pozo
New York

Thank you for over 17 years of outstanding service. Bail USA has been an integral part of ur company&rsquos continued success, due to your 24-hour support with all of our bonding needs. From nationwide transfer bonds to bond approvals to general advice, your staff has provided consistent, knowledgeable and excellent service. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company.

Troy Hansen

From the beginning, Bail USA and staff welcomed us into the agency as though we were family. They are always there when you have a questions or a problem. They have made the bail business a respectable profession. They are always there to support us and all the agents associated with them. We are happy and proud to be members of the Bail USA and Seneca Insurance team.

Ron & Sharon Honrud

Being part of the freedom family at Bail USA has and continues to be a fantastic and rewarding experience! These professionals are in touch with the reality of our 24/7 business. We have had relationships with other sureties and continue to be solicited and no-one compares to Bail USA!

Bob & Pat Brenner

I have found the family at Bail USA, Harvey Childs, Cheryl Burns and all the highly professional people who work with them in the office to be the most knowledgeable and honorable in the business. In my experience, every question or problem I have had has been satisfactorily handled by this efficient organization. Additionally, the Bail USA nationwide, network of agents are totally cooperative with one another.

Tom Kear

Why do we choose to work with Bail USA? Is it their professional, efficient, courteous and knowledgeable staff? Well, yes, but similar companies in this industry can offer me this service. Is it their quick response to the needs of our company? Again, yes, but other companies can provide me with the 24/7 service they provide.

What makes Bail USA so unique is that working with them is like being in a close knit family. They don’t acknowledge me just as their agent in Kansas. They know me as Candy, a proud Grandma, mother, daughter, sister and wife. They have rejoiced over my new grandbabies and cried with me over the loss of a loved one. Their, "Is there anything else I can do for you today?" is not just professional, it's personal. From Cheryl to the entire staff, I find that they are interested in me. They are my angels and my friends.

Finding a company that is as professionally outstanding as this one is was a great business decision. However, finding a company that values me as a friend, worthy of their time, is a rare gift.

Candy Morey-Crow

Cheryl, once again you and Bail USA have outdone yourselves. I thought Bail USA was providing me all the support they could yet you found an area you felt you could do better. I think you have a great idea here, and as a new bail agent this sounds like a great resource for me to make sure I am doing things right. I feel very fortunate that I am a Bail USA bail agent. Thank you for all the help and support.

Wade Robison
Ely Bail Bonds, Nevada

Cheryl, I wanted to thank you for your time/visit to California, and with me as a relatively new bail agent, it means a lot!  To see the President/CEO of a company in a formidable position to the bail industry, is a breath of fresh air. It is the epitome to what a leader, and leadership is, and hard to express in just words on paper, or in an email.  Coming from a military - United States Marine Corps, Law Enforcement, and private sector backgrounds, I have seen many ideas of what leadership was said to be, and your actions speak volumes to your ethos…  You, are definitely among the top of the class.   I felt compelled to draft this email, to Thank you for your dedication, and your confidence in your team, in which I am elated to be a part of it!

Courtenay Reed