Agent Spotlight



Dean E. Cali – Pennsylvania

Dean E. Cali is the owner of Wasco Bail Bonds in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dean has been in the bail industry for 7 years with all 7 years writing with Bail USA, Inc. He began in the industry by following in his families footsteps as they too were bondsmen in the bail industry. His favorite aspect of working within the industry is meeting new people and being able to assist families in a time of need.

Prior to the bail industry, Dean received his BA from Bloomsburg University in 2010 and his MBA from Misericordia University in 2014. He worked as a Legislative Assistant in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives before his career in bail.

Dean is currently the Vice President of the Pennsylvania Bail Association and a member of Scranton UNICO which is the Italian Service Organization. He enjoys spending his free time hunting.

When asked how his experience has been with Bail USA, Dean replied “They have assisted in the ins and outs of the business while being a big supporter in the PA state association which is very important for the future of the industry. Bail USA has always treated me like family.”


Greg Robinson – South Carolina

My name is Greg Robinson with Robinson bonding company, based out of Charleston South Carolina. I’ve been writing bail bonds for almost 30 years now. I got started in the business because my father was in it and I thought it was pretty neat. Also, all of the cool bounty hunter movies in the 80s, but you quickly realize the truth about that stuff as we all know. The main thing I enjoy about the industry is helping people. I believe in karma, so I enjoy the feeling of helping people with their loved ones during a bad situation  to the best of my ability.

Before getting into the bail industry I was a waiter at California Dreaming restaurant, very popular here in Charleston. When they first opened that’s where I went met my wife, got married, and had to get a real job. When I’m not working which is rare, I enjoy camping going out on the boat and going shooting with my friends. Charleston has a lot of islands to do all kind of fun stuff on.

I am on the board of directors for the South Carolina bail Association. We’ve been doing our best fighting bail reform here in South Carolina. I’m also a licensed private investigator in the state of South Carolina which is kind of just as crazy as the bail business. Bail USA is all I’ve known since I was a kid 20 some years old when I first got started.  I’ll be 52 in December so they are like family to me. I thoroughly enjoy dealing with the staff and they’ve always been super helpful anytime needed. It’s nice to call someone and they know your voice without having to say your name. Good folks.


Gregory L. Sullivan- California

My name is Gregory L. Sullivan and I am a licensed Bail Agent of 34 years and currently reside in San Luis Obispo, CA.

I was born and raised in Bakersfield , CA. and  for the first 21 years of my life, never even considered employment in the bail arena. My father was an attorney, with a law degree from Harvard. My mother was a stay at home mom and was very active in our community, becoming  the first female Kern County Grand Jury foreperson.

While attending college, I was working at a downtown Chevron station part-time to earn a few extra dollars. Every now and then a customer, by the name of Steve Dodgin, would pull in to get gas and we would chat a bit. He told me he owned a bail bond business down the street named Bail Bond Leon. After months of getting to know each other Mr. Dodgin told me of an opening at his business. The money was good for a 21 year old kid so I took the job in the late Spring of 1984. I studied for the state exam and in August of ’84 I passed the exam. (the  1st time!) For about 2 years I would work 12am to 8am Monday thru Friday and head off to my first class at Cal State Bakersfield  at 8:30am! I attended school until about 2pm and then went home and slept until 11pm, woke up and went back to work.  After a few years of that, the office manager left and there was an opening. My major was in small business management so I asked to fill the void.  Mr. Dodgin gave me the promotion and for the next 5 years I managed Bail bond Leon.

In the early Winter of 1993 my oldest brother, Jere N. Sullivan Jr. an attorney  from San Luis Obispo, contacted me and told me of a gentleman, Leo Dumouchelle, who was wanting to sell his bail business. I met with Leo during Spring Break and spent a week in San Luis Obispo to learn the ropes to see if it was a good fit. Three months later, on June 1st 1993, Mr. Dumouchelle and I came to an agreement and ABC Bonding was mine!

One of the best things about being in this business is the ability to grow it into something that can run itself with a good staff. I’m blessed to have had amazing success (more luck probably) having wonderful, dedicated agents working for me. Dan Tuggle, my right hand man, has been with me for over 20 years. This has allowed a lot of flexibility to step away from the daily grind, to go off and vacation and recharge the batteries! It also allows me time for therapy (golf) when I’m not writing bail or chasing fugitives!?

I stay involved in my community. I am a member of our Chamber of Commerce, our Downtown Association and also like to attend local attorney lunches to stay up to date with the current pool of criminal attorneys. This has paid off nicely over the years, in that I now have about 40 criminal defense attorneys who only recommend their clients to us.

Lastly, I think another key component to running a successful bail business is the right surety company having your back. Back in the late 80’s I met Mr. Scott Anschultz and from those days forward I have been following both Scott and now Fred Anschultz wherever they settled. Both men have led me down a wonderful path of trust and consistency that has made this road a hell of a lot smoother. I’m happy this has settled us in with a relationship with Bail USA. Bail USA has a larger staff, gives us greater reach throughout the country and works with me no matter what I might ask or request. I don’t know how much longer I will be in this industry, but I see myself finishing it with a relationship with both Fred Anschultz and Bail USA.