Employee Spotlight



Lisa Maldonado- Transfer Bond Supervisor 

I began working in Bail back in 1986. I started off my first twelve years by working in retail Bail Bond offices where I did everything from answering phones to filling out bond paperwork to help the agents. I also learned how to gather as much information as necessary to approve bonds. At times I was left on my own to run the entire office while my boss was away on vacation. He loved going to places where there was no cell service at all what so ever. I was often seen going back and forth to the County Court House to meet with Attorneys and at the Jail to meet with clients. I was around so often that other Bail Agents actually thought that I was also a Bail Agent. In 1998 I brought with me all the knowledge I had from the previous years and crossed over to work for an MGA which gave me a much better opportunity to work directly with and build a long lasting relationship with the Agents themselves. Over the years, working for an MGA I learned how to cross train myself in many different areas so that the Agents would feel comfortable knowing that if I’m on the other end of the phone when they call, they would know that no matter what it is that they asked of me, I would do my best to make sure they are properly attended to. In learning all the different areas I also learned how to handle Transfer Bonds which brings me to the current position I now hold with the Company as Transfer Bond Supervisor.

My favorite place to visit is Orlando because that’s where I get to spend “FUN TIME” with my grandkids. I call them my six pack. We love going to theme parks and having a wonderful time together. Another thing that I really enjoy doing is having family come over so I can also spend time with my nieces and nephews and their kids. That’s why Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite Holidays. That’s when we can ALL get together and just have the best time ever.


Clara Naranjo- Operations Specialist

I’m Clara Naranjo and I’m from Colombia. I was born in a very big family, I have 5 brothers and five sisters, so we don’t need guests for the parties.  I love to dance, play cards, eat seafood and go to the beach.

My favorite movie is called “I as in Icarus”.  It is about a prosecutor who investigated Kennedys’ death and as he got so close to the truth he was assassinated. Icarus was a man in Greek mythology who had wings of wax and as he got very close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell.

My first Job when I came to this country was with a bail agent who was looking for people that spoke Spanish.