Employee Spotlight



Justine Nelson – Forfeiture Specialist

I live in Florida with my daughter and Fox Terrier.  When not working I enjoy reading, playing video games, and doing various craft projects. I love to travel or go to the theme parks when I have the chance.

Darla Collenette – Forfeiture Specialist

Hello, my name is Darla Collenette and I started with Bail USA in 2010.  I would drive by Bail USA’s building in Greenville, when it was on College Avenue and then when they moved  the office to Main Street and always wondered what they really did. And, when my husband starting working for Harvey Childs I learned what the Bail Industry was.  I thought that it would be really interesting working there, so when I got hired I was scared at first but, when I learned more about the business I was more excited and happy to work for Bail USA.  Outside of work I am always working outside around my house and spending time with my parents, children and grandchildren.  I have two daughters Amanda (TN) and Stephanie (MD) that live in two different states, so that takes up a lot of my PTO visiting them and I have four Grandchildren Camdyn, Declyn, Holdyn and Tennisyn who are 11, 8, 6 and 3, being a grandma is my greatest joy.